Can You Work a Full Time Job and Still Homeschool?

If you are not willing to forego the second salary, and still plan on homeschooling your children, you need to be really well organized. With efficient planning and creative scheduling, you can make homeschooling work for your family. Yes it would be much easier if one parent was able to work from home, but even if they both need to leave the house, it’s still possible to ensure that your homeschool students do well.

Alternating Lessons with Your Spouse

In this case it’s not possible for one homeschool teacher to be solely in charge of the children’s education. Both parents will need to pick up lessons for the homeschool students. If it’s possible, try work alternating shifts so that at least one parent is always available with the children at home. ideally have a schedule made out in advance about what each homeschool teacher needs to cover with the students. Also have a check back system visible in the homeschool classroom to see what all has been finished. Both parents need to be able to contribute to the children’s education. If that is not possible, you will have to find another responsible adult to watch the children, as well as supervise their homeschooling tasks for the day.

Getting Help from Grandparents or Professionals

Ideally involving family members like grandparents or younger uncles and aunts would work well for such a homeschooling family. This is an option even single parents may use if they want to homeschool. If you don’t have any extended family to fall back on, you can always hire a professional. A nanny can be present to supervise the children when both parents are out. Or you can schedule extra classes for music or sports for them during that time. These can be arranged around the shifts that the parents need to work so that pick up and drop offs can be coordinated. In addition, the regular household chores like cooking and cleaning need to be taken care of. Have another visible chart for this so that nothing gets done twice and everything actually gets done.