There is always a way to contribute to society which begins within the home. Homeschool parents can instill good values in their homeschool students by setting up minor projects which allow them to contribute in a socially and economically positive manner. Here are some suggestions which may be modified for use by homeschool families.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

That’s a good mantra to start with. Teach the homeschool students to maximize potential and minimize wastage. The single use and throw philosophy needs to be addressed when they are young. Teach them how a simple tin can be reused with a little up-cycling as a pencil holder in the homeschool classroom. Let them reduce the number of plastic water bottles they buy on field trips by carrying a glass bottle from home and refilling it from water fountains. Help them to recycle their clothes and toys, first withing the siblings themselves and then maybe by contributing to a local orphanage.

Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Educate the homeschool students about the waste that is piled up in landfills. If possible find out about one nearby and let them see the slow poisoning of the land. It will motivate them to minimize the waste they produce. Explain about the unseen pollution and carbon footprints. Show them the practices that can help reduce their own carbon footprints. Teach them that society and community needs can be met without running through the resources of the planet. Everything does not need to be new or top end luxurious. Being eco-friendly and conservative is actually a better choice in the long run.


One of the easiest ways to teach homeschool students about life and responsibility is to have them volunteer their time to people who are less fortunate than them. By spending time working for a charitable organization they will learn that life is not always fair and that there are people who struggle with very real issues. This will teach them compassion for others, and give them skills that allows them to help out when needed. It will also give them social skills which will be useful all through their lives. In addition the work experience that they gain will be an added bonus on their resumes when they go job hunting.