Do you know who your kids are really learning from? How much do you really know their teachers, the ones they spend a lot of time learning from? Who are THEIR role models? What are THEIR values? 

If you’re part of our Supercharged Science family, then you know that I am the one that does 95% of the teaching in our online program. And if you’re a member, you also know that I taught Mechanical Engineering since I was 21 at Cal Poly State, I was going to high school, attending college and working for NASA all at the same time, and I love sharing my passion by teaching others.

While most of my role models are not famous or celebrity-types, here is a couple of ones you may have heard of:

Patty Wagstaff (I love her passion, dedication, and educational programs that she has available to everyone.)

Michael Faraday (I admire how he started from nothing, not even an education, and taught himself everything just by being inquisitive.)

Emmy Noether (I really am amazed at everything she accomplished, even though she was not allowed to earn a living doing what she loved. Her time was always devoted to her students. She’s probably the most incredible mathematician no one knows about.)

I thought that the best way to get to know someone is to find out really who inspires them in the first place.