jarmoluk, By CC Via Pixabay
jarmoluk, By CC Via Pixabay

Decompression is the phase that a child who has been attending regular school goes through when first making the switch to homeschooling. This is a period of time where the focus is on relaxing the child and helping them to understand that the hectic school life is now over. Now the child can have input in deciding what to learn, when to do it and where as well! Of course the homeschool teacher must ensure that the student is not so caught up the freedom of making choices that no actual learning takes place. To that end, here are some activities that are considered educational and will still enable your child to decompress successfully.
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Visit the Library

Take your child to the library and ask him to pick up a book that teaches him something he wants to learn more about. It doesn’t matter what book your child picks, what’s important is that he takes charge of wanting to learn something on his own. Help him to navigate the library’s cataloging system and get help from the librarian for age appropriate selections.

Play a Physical Game

This could be a game of baseball, basketball or just good old catch. Get your child out of the home and into the great outdoors. The physical activity will help release any pent up stress and anxiety that the child may have about leaving regular school and beginning homeschool lessons.

Use Educational Toys

You already have a bunch of toys lying around the home, so why not use them for an  educational game? It could be a math lessons, logic, sorting or anything else that would interest your child. If you have special educational toys available at home use those as well. It’s a good goal to make homeschool learning fun and any activity involving toys help with that goal.

Get Artistic

Art and craft projects are a fun and effective way to learn. This could be as simple as giving your young ones some paper and crayons and ask them to get creative any way that they like. For slightly older children, pick up a building project that challenges them from a craft store. Let them get used to thinking for themselves rather than just doing what a teacher tells them to.

Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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