beach-geralt, By CC via Pixabay
beach-geralt, By CC via Pixabay

Its all about Discipline

If you are going to be homeschooling, you need to make discipline your new best friend. Just make sure that you follow through with your plans for the day and that your children also listen to what you have to say. A routine is what you must develop and stick to.
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Learn your Style

Some children learn in a structured environment better while some prefer a more flexible approach. Similarly the teacher also has an natural individual style and if that is compatible with the child its the best way to teach. So learn the style that suits you and the one that suits your child and work it out to both your advantage.

Get help with the housework and the homework

Don’t become superwoman and overextend yourself. It is easy to say I’m at home the whole day and I can manage the kid’s education and do all the house related chores. However trying to do both can often result in exhaustion. You don’t have to kill yourself doing everything alone, just get some help in the day and see the difference it makes to your productivity.

Listen, really listen, to your kids

Adults know more than children. This is a fact, but children also know what suits them best. This is a fact that adults tend to ignore. If you pay close attention to what your child is trying to say to you, you will find it easier to deal with their problems and issues. Ignoring the input that they can give you will put up boundaries that you will find difficult to breach.

Thinking and planning and not wasting time

Do you find yourself think ahead planning what you will cook for supper when you are supposed to be supervising your child’s learning? Do you start thinking of the number of chores that you need to do and in what sequence when you are sitting and listening to your child read a lesson aloud? This is not wasting time. In fact these plans that you make up while you are in the homeschool classroom will in fact save you time later. So don’t feel guilty that your child does not have your full attention, but feel happy that you can multitask so well.
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