Public Domain Pictures, By CC Via Pixabay
Public Domain Pictures, By CC Via Pixabay

In the preliminary years you will be able to conduct homeschool science experiments with your primary grade youngsters without the need of special science equipment. However as the grade levels increase you will be looking at more specialized equipment . Here’s a look at the equipment that you will need at your homeschool science lab.
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Disposable or consumable items

Glassware like beakers and flasks, filter paper, pipettes, protective rubber gloves, big and small sized plastic containers to hold material, and litmus paper. These are all things that you will need to conduct experiments and will usually be used just a few times or may be even just once before they need to be replaced. Things like filter paper just get used once, and a test tube may break. Some of these things can be improvised from stuff you already have lying around the home, but some of it you will have to buy.

Specialized material

In the primary grades you can usually conduct the science experiments using things lying around the house, but at the grades go higher you will need to invest in more specialized material for your homeschool science students. This may include buying a thermometer, balancing scales, electric meters, calipers, tuning forks, a microscope, and a telescope. Naturally this is just an indicative list of what you may or may not buy. Once you have made a comprehensive list of all the science experiments that you plan to conduct in a year for a grade you will have a better idea of the exact material that you will need to have at hand.

Don’t break the bank

Much of the specialized equipment is not cheap. In fact if you are getting it cheap there is a good likelihood that it will not give you accurate experiment readings. It is better to browse through homeschooling forums and check for people who are looking to dispose of their equipment. There can be some good deals on science lab equipment on websites such as e-bay at times. Also remember you do not have to buy everything you need for an experiment. At times you can borrow equipment from someone who has it for a few days.

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