coombesy, By Cc via pixabay
coombesy, By Cc via pixabay

Depending on the nature of the child, he may be shy or awkward around people he is unfamiliar with. This is true of a certain age group irrespective of whether he is in a regular school or being home-schooled. To help him open up and interact freely with his fellow human beings there are a number of things that you can do as a parent.

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Plan trips with friends

If you intend to take a field trip as part of your teaching process, plan it out in advance with a friend as a joint outing for both families. The children will enjoy each others company and will be forced to intermingle. This will help them overcome shyness issues and teach them to deal with others their own age with compassion and fairness. Be consistent in the lessons that you want to impart and make the interactions as creative as you can. You can plan picnics, sports meets, crafting days and a whole lot more with other children.

Shopping expeditions

A simple trip to the supermarket can be turned into a socialization technique. Hand over your shopping list to your child and let him get the required items. Make sure that the list you give him is not too long, five or six products work best. Add an unknown or unfamiliar product in the list and ask him to let the sales assistant help him find it. Make sure that he knows how to handle the payment at the checking counter. It is a good primer to learn how to handle money in the real world. Be accessible nearby in case he has a problem.

Conduct a clean up drive

Organize a clean up drive in your neighborhood. Get your children involved in typing and printing out notices giving details of the activity, such as clean up drive of neighborhood park on Saturday morning at 9 am. Then have them distribute these to all the houses in the neighborhood. Bring out trash bags to the park and engage in conversations with the neighbors who have come to help. Your children will learn to be socially responsible besides picking up new friends.

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