exam geralt, By CC via Pixabay
exam geralt, By CC via Pixabay

In some states it is a legal requirement that the homeschooling student take at least one standardized test during the school year. After the sixth grade many homeschooling parents prefer having their wards appear for the SAT. Since home school has not afforded many opportunities for pitting the child’s skills against peers in a large way, the first time the child appears for a standardized test can be a tough one. Here are a few things that can make it much easier on the homeschooling family with respect to these tests.
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Start Preparations Early in the School Year

As with any other project that you may handle being well prepared is half the battle won. The home school teacher must ensure that the students get introduced to what is expected of them in the test as early as possible. Give them practice questions of the kind that are expected in the test, but let them play around with them solving them in their own time. Work up to a timed exam rather than start with it and stress everyone out. Familiarize them with all the concepts before they come anywhere near the old question papers available for practice.

Prepare for the Test with Friends

Your homes choolers are not the only ones taking standardized tests. Connect with other families both from regular school and homeschooling persuasions to help your child prepare for the test with other friends. This peer learning group is often able to teach the children in a manner that organized teaching won’t. There’s another advantage. Often teaching their friends allows the child to revise their own concepts without even realizing the fact that they are studying.

Make it a Game

If you blow up the importance of the test the only thing you will manage to do is make your child nervous. Beat the stress out of tests by making them a fun game. Take a single question and have your child solve it while you time their performance. Then give the next question to the second child and so on. The natural competitiveness will kick in and the drudgery of studies will be lost to the competition of getting a better time on their question than their friends.

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