home school curriculumIts summer break time for regular schools and as a homeschool parent you are wondering if you should continue teaching your children at home or give them a break. Consider these points before you make a decision to abandon classes during the summer months.
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Young Children Need Routine

Children in preschool and initial elementary grades do well with an established routine. They really are not affected by regular school children getting a break from school in the summer. For most of them the concept of holiday and school day is difficult to comprehend because they are not traveling to a different location to study. So one day is as good as another one for them and sticking to a known routine helps.

Summer Enrichment Camps

For your older children the summer is an ideal time to build friendships and learn new skills in local summer camps being organized around your locality. These enrichment camps will ensure that your children are gainfully occupied in activities and give you a break from teaching regular school. After all, it is not just the child who gets a break, but also his teacher  This breather will help you return to the homeschooling classroom with renewed energy at the end of summer break.

Travel Plans

Should you plan to travel out of town to visit grandparents, or even take a holiday or a road trip with the children, it would make sense to do so in the summer break. You get the best weather for traveling and other cousins who go to regular school will also be available to have fun in this time period.This could be a good reason to call off homeschool classes during the summer.

Since you make up your own hours and days as a homeschool teacher, you have the option of taking a break when you want to rather than as prescribed by the regular school routine. It is up to you to take a break in the summer or continue homeschooling all year round. Which is the better option? That’s for you to decide based on what works best for your family..

Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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