zipline White77, By CC via Pixabay
zipline White77, By CC via Pixabay

A large number of families that homeschool may find the “one size fits all” summer camps that are offered in various cities unsuitable for their children.The main object of attending these summer camps is to help develop a well rounded personality where the child is exposed to different types of activities. You can run your own summer camp tailor-made to suit your child’s interests, rather than send them to one outside which you are not happy about.

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What activities can you use?

How you pick the activities will primarily depend on what final objective you have in mind. Is the activity going to help your child improve skills in something that they already are familiar with? Or are you looking at a fresh activity that the child has never been exposed to before? Stay flexible with the activities that you pick and have back up activities planned for ones that don’t go down too well with your children. There is a natural resistance to learning something new which is not easily mastered. In this case you will have to push them to try the activity a minimum number of fixed times before they are allowed to give it up and move on to the next one.

Its not school but fun time

Try and remember that the summer means school is out of session. Even for homeschoolers! So focus on activities that the children will enjoy and are more like games. This is the time to come up with both indoor and outdoor games that you would normally be unable to accommodate during the school year. If you are running out of ideas for games to play, just go online and do a search for “summer fun activities” or “games for kids in the summer”. The search engines will give you more than enough material to get through the full summer.

Involve more friends to make it more fun

“The more the merrier” is especially true when planning your own enrichment program for children. The peer pressure to try out new activities and master them will work in your favor. Call in the neighborhood children for a couple of hours each day to formally enact the activities. The added numbers will add to the fun and boost the spirits of all participants keeping them motivated for more challenges.

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