BibBornem, By CC Via Pixabay
BibBornem, By CC Via Pixabay

The summer is a long period of time that students are away from their books. They are not actively learning anything new and in most cases they are not revising what they already know either. This inactivity leads to Summer Brain Drain, or in more technical terms “learning loss”. There are ways to avoid this happening with your children by keeping them in touch with basic studies. Here are some ways to ensure that Summer Brain Drain is not inevitable for your children.

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Let the learning continue despite the holidays

As a homeschooling parent will be able to testify, learning never stops. So pick up routine daily activities and make them correlate them to your child’s study books. For instance they can practice addition and subtraction as they buy things at the market. They can practice measurements by baking a cake in the kitchen. They can learn the four cardinal directions by helping you trace where the sun will rise.

Make them read books even if they are not study books

It does not matter what books they read during the summer, but ensure that they do not lose the basic habit of opening a book and reading a few pages each day. Join the local library’s reading schedule or start a book club in your own neighborhood. That way it becomes a more enjoyable group activity for them. If possible revise a few textbooks from school, but don’t insist on it. Keep the reading lighthearted, creative and interesting to the children.

Help them keep a Summer Diary

Keeping a diary instills discipline, allows for introspection, and helps focus on future dreams. Buy a smart diary for your child and make sure that he learns how to use it. Have him record the day’s activities in the diary as he remembers them each night before he goes to bed. It could be a couple of lines and it could be as long as three pages. Leave the amount of writing he wants to do to him. These simple steps practiced through the summer will minimize the learning loss for the child.
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