group-geralt By Cc, via pixabay
group-geralt By Cc, via pixabay

As a homeschooling parent you would have faced the time when you need to explain to someone you happen to know why you homeschool your child. You need to explain just how you happen to think that the idea of homeschooling is better than regular school. It will help if you start talking like a formal educator like a teacher in school. In order to do so and sound knowledgeable you may like to bone up on some “Educationese”.
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What is Educationese?

This is essentially learning to talk about education in the terms that regular teachers use. For instance telling your child a story with a moral is “narrative fiction”. While learning to stack up a set of blocks is a “math manipulative”. Teaching your child how to play Chess or another strategy based game comes under building “logic” while playing card games teach “probability”.

Where do you learn Educationese?

Most workbooks will have a couple of pages in the beginning explaining what each worksheet is expected to teach the student. Similar terms can be found online when you search for worksheets to download and use for your children. Its not just study related skills that you can use these terms for. Even regular home based activities can be covered in educationese. If you are baking a cake with your child it comes under “life skills”.  If it deals with computers or programming a robot it would be “technology”. Should the family watch a movie based on a book it becomes “literature”.

How can you use it?

Nearly every activity can be made into a neat educationese term. For instance watching the news becomes “current events”, while writing a letter to grandparents will become “language skills”. Reading the food labels on tins becomes “health” as does a visit to the doctor.A visit to the park becomes a “field trip” while collecting and sticking leaves in a notebook comprises “nature study”. Describing your day in educationese terms is sure to stump your critics, so why not use this tool. It will allow you to use what you know to impress your critics.

Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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