A number of gifts will find their way to your home this season, so why not do your best to ensure that the gifts are a perfect fit for your homeschool classroom. Many homeschooling parents miss out on the opportunity of getting fresh supplies for the their homeschool students because they feel too embarrassed to ask for what their children actually need. Learn more about how to get the gifts that you can truly use with as little embarrassment as possible.
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Set up a blog

Its simple to do. Use any of the free blogging platforms from WordPress or Blogspot or even a microblog like Tumblr. Now start writing and taking pictures about what you are covering in your homeschool classes to share with your family and friends. This will help them with selecting gifts for your children as they will be able to pick what is age appropriate and useful. You can even have your children write a weekly post about what they did that week and what else they are looking forward to doing in the homeschool classroom.

Share your Amazon.com Wishlist

Almost everyone has a wishlist on Amazon for stuff that they would love to pick up. Make a separate wishlist and title it something like, “For my homeschool class.” Then add all the educational toys, books, supplies and any other homeschooling materials that would be useful.

Now share this wishlist on the blog that you set up. There are widgets on Amazon that allow you to add the wishlist to an existing site. It will take you about half an hour to set up the whole thing and then all your friends and family will know exactly what to buy for your kids.

Just ask

Talk or write to grandparents, uncles and aunts to let them know that you have wishlists available if they would like some gift ideas for your children. That way they can pick out something that fits their budget and is still useful to you. No embarrassment anywhere and everyone wins.

So what are you waiting for? Go set up your wishlist already!
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