homeschool curriculumsVery often a homeschooling parent tends to get bogged down with the details and forgets to take a look at the big picture. Yes it is important that you have a well organized study schedule for your homeschool classes. Yes the children do well with some structure to how and what you teach, but it is also equally important for the children to know that there is life outside the classroom.
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A simple 20 minutes recess from teaching and learning can make a world of a difference to the productivity of your children and yourself. So if your children are getting grumpy and irritable or are just plain looking tired, do yourself and them a favor and take a break. By taking a break from homeschool classes you can actually rejuvenate your self and the children. This is now a well established fact supported by more than one scientific study.

Don’t take on too much work, as over scheduling will never allow you to get in a small break in the day. You may get tempted to finish the day’s classes in the morning so that you can get an afternoon free, but the children are not going to like being put through a grueling morning even if they have nothing to do in the afternoon.In fact they may get grumpy even when they are free in the afternoon because the morning has left them exhausted.

You need to pace the activities out for them. They need balance in their free time and study time. Sure you have a plan and you need to finish a certain number of topics in the day, but ensure that your child gets a break periodically. Specially when you notice that despite your most captivating lesson introduction the attention of the child is wandering.

Remember its okay to let a few things get left over to be covered the next day. You don’t have to kill yourself and your child to ensure that you stay on track as per your schedule. Once you start taking a break each time you get tired you will notice the difference it makes to your day.

 Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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