free homeschooling Most homeschooling families make the decision to homeschool their child at the preschool age. This is where the homeschooling teacher must instill a love of science in the child by teaching him to perform activities that show him science in action. Performing small experiments that are fun is the key here.
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For instance you can discuss the viscosity of fluids by asking them to spill different liquids such as milk, honey and chocolate syrup. Depending on your child, you might not give them the highly complicated terms viscosity, tensile stress and deformation to learn. You will just arouse their curiosity about the different behavior of familiar liquids.

The trick here is to make them want to learn more on their own. So don’t get too upset if they decide to drag out bottles of milk, carbonated drinks, and fruit juice boxes to spill. They are just trying to build on what you have taught them. You can give them a heads up that they need to ask you to be present when they decide to do these experiments.

This way they learn to have an adult present when conducting experiments that may have potentially disastrous results. Plus you are able to minimize the cleaning up effort required at the end of the experiment if you can lay out the newspapers to catch their work before they start experimenting.

Liquids are not the only thing that you can experiment with. Take up science experiments with solids as well. Have them make mixtures using and cornflakes and rice cereal. Now have them separate them. Next give them powdered sugar and salt and ask them to separate the two powders. Here they learn about homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

Do let them know in advance that they can only make mixtures of stuff after asking your permission or else you will end up seeing some rather unique mixtures all over the house. You will need to provide them with enough fun activities so that they enjoy the whole process of conducting a science experiment. Its never to early to get a child interested in science and if you plan on homeschooling your child, preschool is the best time to rouse that interest.


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