homeschool softwareThe first day of school after the summer vacation is a special one and most schools have some special ritual that is followed on opening day. Being in homeschool should not restrict you from coming up with a “Back to Homeschool” ritual for your children. Here are a few that you could consider adopting.
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Opening Day Field Trip

Rather than being stuck in the classroom on the very first day of the new academic session, you can take your homeschool students to a field trip. Pick any trip from an educational museum visit to an entertaining trip to your library. It doesn’t matter where you take them, just don’t begin the school year in the classroom. Its a reminder to them and to you that learning can be fun.

Homeschool Community Lunch

Tie up with other homeschooling families around you to start the academic session on the same day and meet up at a single location for a community lunch. Make it a pot luck so that no single mother gets burdened with feeding all the hungry mouths. Let the children meet up and discuss what they are going to learn in the coming academic session. A great way to get them to set some academic goals without any pressure.

Let them plan the first day’s classes

Let your homeschool students decide just what they would like to learn on their first day back in class. Tell them the number of subjects they must include and ask them what all activities they would like to cover. Even if they decide that they only want to do arts and craft on the first day allow them to plan the activities they want to do. It will get them involved with the new routine and allow them an easier transition back to studies.

The school year will begin with fun rather than frowns if you pick up one of these rituals and follow them regularly. The children will look forward to their back to homeschool ritual and it will be a good way to signal that you are restarting the academic part of their lives.
Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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