homeschoolingYou’ve had a fairly peaceful summer. The children have been gainfully occupied without much intervention on your part and now it’s all about to end. ‘Back to School Blues’ can hit the homeschool teacher just as hard as it can hit the homeschool student.
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Stock up on the essentials

By making sure that you have all the study materials in terms of books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, and all other stationery ready and available in the homeschool classroom you will make your own life much easier. Use the homeschool co-ops to get a good deal on bulk purchases of regular stationery. Get any special equipment you are planning on purchasing before the academic year begins, and in general shake out the cobwebs and straighten out the classroom in preparation for restarting homeschooling.

Check out the new curriculum and extracurricular activities

Each year the new text books and subjects will have something more than the previous grade. So make sure that you go through the text books in advance to see that no surprises pop up when you are about to teach the topic in the homeschool classroom. If you need to sell your old grade books see if you can work out a good exchange in online homeschool forums. If your child is going to join a new activity, ensure that all the gear that will be required is ready.

Plan out the first week’s lesson plans and meal plans in advance

Once school time starts it can be quite difficult to schedule in me- time for a while. The first week has a tendency to be particularly chaotic, so try and do as much prep you can before hand. It will be easier going having ready made lesson plans and some frozen dinners in the freezer.

Establish a routine for bedtime and meal times beforehand

Half the trouble with going back to school is re-establishing the routine again. So give yourself a break and put the bedtime and meal times back in the slots where they belong. It will make it easier to add in the homeschooling classes when these milestones are already in place. It will just take a little while before the holidays are a thing of the past and the school routine is in full swing.
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