mojzagrebinfo, by CC via PixabayWhile traditional public schools are characterized with the passing of the child from one grade into the next, the same does not hold true for a child in homeschool. There is no need to limit a child when he is learning about something that interests him.

If a certain topic like say for example, earthquakes, has caught his interest, you can teach him all kinds of things about the natural phenomena. Don’t worry about the details being way above the grade level he is in as long as he shows interest in learning more about the topic.
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Use Television and Videos

There are bound to be programs on television and videos on websites that provide more information about specific topics of interest. Have your child follow these to enhance his knowledge about specific topics he is interested in.

Do not be worried about only providing age appropriate content as long as it is educational in nature. It could be that some parts of the video may be too technical for the typical homeschool student to follow, but he will definitely pick up something new that he did not know before watching. Plus the next time he encounters those concepts and terminology, it will be more familiar to him. You won’t have to explain everything from scratch.

Get the Relevant Books

So you picked a college level book for your eleven year old – don’t ever feel guilty over getting him a detailed book. No you don’t expect him to be a genius and understand everything that’s written; but yes, you do know that he will gain some knowledge about a topic that he is interested in. Help him understand the portions that he does not find easy to comprehend, and leave him be if he decides that he doesn’t want to know more about this topic. He will come back to it when he feels like it.

All you need to do is ensure that you don’t limit his learning options by getting stuck in a grade level based box. No matter what his grade, his curiosity needs to be encouraged. That is what learning is all about.

Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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