free homeschoolingYou have three children in the homeschool classroom and find it tough to keep everyone focused on the lessons that they should be following. The elder one obviously needs the most guidance from you personally as they are learning new things every day. The youngest one needs you to hold their hand and guide them as they begin to explore writing. The middle one can always be guided by the elder sibling and so does not need your personal supervision.
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Symptoms of Middle Child Syndrome

At least that’s what you may think, not that it is correct. If a parent is not careful it can be easy to neglect the middle child in the homeschool classroom giving rise to the middle child syndrome. The child will be detached, moody and resentful because in their perception the parent has forgotten about them. They see that the older and younger siblings manage to get quality time with the parent, but some how when it comes to them, the parent does not devote that kind of time and effort. They start becoming obnoxious in an attempt to gain negative attention if they can’t get loving attention from the parent.

Preventing Middle Child Syndrome

By being fair to all your children you can prevent this syndrome. Give all children equal attention. It is not a tall order if you plan it out in advance. Don’t let the middle child feel neglected by passing him off to the older sibling. You may not even be aware that the problem exists because the work gets done. Pay attention to see how much time you are spending with each child and don’t play favorites with any one. Ensure all of them get some one on one time with you in the homeschool classroom.

Turn it on its head

If the child is feeling neglected because you spend more time with the other siblings, get him involved with the work of the other siblings. He can help the baby by teaching and help the elder one by doing busy work. That way when you are involved with one child the other two are always working together. Ensure that the middle child gets some pampering during the day and you will be easily able to avoid the middle child syndrome in your classroom.

Article Inspiration: About Homeschooling

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